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Ptv Sports Latest Biss Key 2017 #CT 2017 Live

Ptv Sports New Biss Key and Frequency Code  2017 (Champion Trophy 2017)Watch Pakistan vs India ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Match live at Ptv Sports Channel. PTV Sports was dispatched on 14 January 2012. Its test transmission started on December 2011 on AsiaSat7 (Asiasat3s) at 105.5E.

It has broadcast numerous games occasions since it is propelled.

It is a state-possessed channel.It has likewise got privileges of numerous games occasions like Cricket, Tennis, Hockey and Football.



In the day of dispatch in PTV Sports was fta on Asiasat7 (Asiasat3s). Ptv Sports is one best games channel of Pakistan.

In the wake of beginning standard transmission of PTV Sports It got Scramble/Encrypted.

Overhaul PTV Sports Biss Key and Frequency Code 11 July 2015, Latest PTV Sports All BissKey and Frequency Code 2015 Update this site Pakistan Television Sports Channel live Tele Cast Ptv station has issued the declared upgraded the most recent Biss key of live cricket and Hockey coordinates live gushing, please share that key by remarking on this post. Much obliged to you. PTV Sports and different stations of PTV system have been moved to new satellite Paksat 38° East. You can utilize the accompanying subtle elements to watch PTV Sports.

We overhaul Key consistently. Continue going by US

Key: 5132 13CC 9ADD ECCC

Key: 5132 1396 9ADD EC63

KEY:5132 1300 9ADD EC00




FREQ:4OO4V 15555 FEC 3/4

PAKSAT 1R @ 38.0 East

Administration ID : 0004

biss key no.1 : 5132 13CC 9ADD ECCC

PTV K LAT Biss Key :0786 66F3 2291 10C3

biss key no. 2 :5132 13AA 9ADD ECAA

bis Key for China Receiver : 51 32 1396 9A DD EC63

Biss Key no. 3 : 5132 1300 9ADD EC00


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